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discriminate against to still keep having
#1 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 3:14:11 AM(UTC)
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domestic affairs power of sun summer from he all alone control, back stand again Yang Qiu, so cross-examine a way:"I the not afraid beard Rui Lin make ghost, can Yang Qiu there always return want back of, in case of."
Zhang Zhen Wu now can be Jacoby Ellsbury Authentic Jersey treated as Sun Wu's iron pole confident, see quintal Liu heart Yang Qiu, immediately say:"Showing off to believe in an elder brother need not worry too much, parties Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang to is soldier's right that wants to slowly deprive Yang Qiu, now Li dollar the Hong has been extremely dissatisfied to him, affirmation will stand on our this side."
Sun Wu also says:"Chun Shan says quite goodly, you the position Li that divides department chief the Du have been already promised, afternoon will have the formal official letter sends to sun for summer, so may Joe DiMaggio Authentic Jersey well trust and go to assume office, filial piety there again not help also have ten days, the half month is good and beats, show off and believe in now the most important be as soon as possible to make our comrade rush and leave for proper Chang Xiang sun etc. ground confidence denizen power, I put forward modification and reside and just turn with soup after waiting you to complete the dragon makes of 《organization regulation 》 , as long as turning the dragon to the soup to the draw down, have no constitute parties to support Yang Qiu is also a light pole commander a , can not become weather any further."
Liu Gong feels his Joe Girardi Authentic Jersey words are reasonable, is just that the in the mind still have some misgivings:"The big enemy is current now, this matter you can be good friends with to control dimensions so much, in case of force Yang Qiu."
"Show off to believe in though trust, this matter Sun Mou still can chase of, I seek Li Du now and let the bear grasp Kun to take five to help garrison Hankow and like this urgently jump a wall in case of Johnny Damon Authentic Jersey his dog, we also are unlikely to raise hand have no Cuo."Malicious way Sun Wu just finished saying and had already been promoted for Zhang Zhen Wu of the soldier duty department vice minister to immediately stand, :"I seek bear to grasp Kun to do preparation, if his Yang Qiu dares to move, I dare to interrupt his bone!"
Zhang Zhen Wu finishes saying to just want to go out, see a personal shadow fiercely bumped into a bosom and stayed back two just saw arrive is soldier duty place secretary Tang Zi Hong, he was to totally Jorge Posada Authentic Jersey enter meeting old man, so was arranged military advance by Sun Wu to do assistant.See Sun Wu, he also attends to not and up pant and immediately takes out telegram to say:"Not good!Just filial piety hair the call report, Wu Sheng closed to fall this morning!"
"What!"Zhang Zhen Wu is the hasty, on hearing that Wu Sheng 's pass' falling don't go out as well, can Sun Wu but double eyes a bright, immediately say to Tang Zi Hong:"Go, tell the Li Du the news, moreover and immediately make a phone call to everyone, say the Li Du wants to right away convene military meeting Wu Sheng Guan's fall, always should have individual to be responsible for!"
Zhang Zhen Wu Lou Gehrig Authentic Jersey and Lius are public to engrave and then understood his meaning, the former claps hands a way more:"Too like, this time see his Yang Qiu still and have what rubbish say!"Finish saying, immediately seek bear to grasp Kun, at the moment five help have to immediately lead a river, so as to keep man from sun dog to urgently jump a wall.
Liu Gong after seeing 2 people all walk doesn't know why the in the mind always have some not to trust and ask a way:"Sun Wu, the filial piety is there."
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