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point at to say before hanging on the wall
#1 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 3:28:52 AM(UTC)
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"Bearer!The north ocean dozen came over!Once turned gun muzzle, aimed at station!"Cannon brigade inside, Zhang Zhen Chen excitedly and all over shivers and immediately direct several doors five living Coco Crisp Authentic Jersey seven mountain cannon to turn around, when proper everyone wanted to open gunfire toward the station a few military polices hurtled to come over to yell a way:"Stop, the circumstance didn't can not move indiscriminately clearly!"
"Grass mire horse of!North ocean all beat to come come, also don't step aside cannon!Your these guy affirmation eats in picked an outside to go and live with full Da son!The brotherses beat!"Zhang Zhen Dave Henderson Authentic Jersey Chen has already thoroughly gone crazy and knows if don't open gunfire again once making Yang Qiu slip away, that all dooms, so immediately pull out pistol to beat to military police.
The new soldier of artillery brigade is a lot of to is all fearlessly not afraid meeting party past sky, the many people all thought Wu Sheng Guan's fall Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang cans not stands up to aid, so drive once Zhang Zhen Chen arouse to raise a gun in succession and in a short instant went it blind one regiment inside the artillery brigade, Zhang Zhen Chen takes advantage of an Dennis Eckersley Authentic Jersey opportunity to run to the front of a big gun and suddenly stands back one cannon to the train!Because matter rush, shell deviation many, hence he starts to embrace the second shell to prepare to continue to open fire again, at this time but suddenly feel a brain after a cool.
"Eldest brother you should walk."
"Small six bangs!"
Disorder in, this Glenn Hubbard Authentic Jersey parallel world inside because use alias mix a vestige in people's soldier, take the offensive at Ping Guo Zhang man sun Pan enemy, cause the United States the Niang mountain and carrying pole mountain continue a fall, people's soldier has to back to guard untenable defensive position of ten in spread and finally cause to all lose completely, also let Yuan a life time Kai white white get man the small potato of the sun arms and supplies factory finally still stare big eyes slanting the head pour at cannon up, in the article of death front dead dead in the his hand embrace of the second appearance of shell is also the watershed that becomes this war.
The cannon sound Henderson Alvarez Authentic Jersey lets the filial piety become to add disorder more, new soldiers all think that the north ocean artillery was killed, and then saw the warehouse start catching fire and frighten distribute feet Ya and then flees elsewhere toward new ditch direction, still took place all the way several military officer arrestment cause of bleed affairs.Suddenly never the distance start to show off of the fireball also frighten admire a hole whole body one Zhan, flank of Zhang Ting assist already urgently get full head hot sweat, beg to teach Yang Qiu:"Commander, now how should do?"
"Is not first hasty, wait to make clear then the circumstance can do judgment."Yang Qiu just finish saying, the thunder was fierce trail several guys that all over cringed walked to come over, basic Ike Davis Authentic Jersey need not fee saliva, Zhang Ting's assisting has already recognized the inside was 2 people, facial expression suddenly the dark scolded:"I recognize these 2 people are all Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang's close Wei!"
Yang Qiu secretly loosens tone and had Zhang Ting assist of accuse a behind the affair did so much, hence immediately issue order to arrest Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang.More than 100 guards connect soldier to immediately take class as unit to spread out and simultaneously yell"don't be panic, north the ocean didn't come."Wait
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