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want to know to close Ai to exactly
#1 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 3:20:43 AM(UTC)
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heng 's closing to throw the news losing has already imitated the Buddha presses in everybody's chest up piece big stone, so etc. supper later on the barracks imitate a Buddha more to blast open a pot, the food Phil Rizzuto Authentic Jersey for powder gets together silently a voice to whisper:"Elder brother how many, do you say that we can hold up north ocean?"
"What can not hold up against?It is two legs to don't all not is a head, Lao Tze even if the dead can also bite off a few meat!"
"I see an Randy Johnson Authentic Jersey everyone still caution wear to order, the gun son doesn't grow eyes, and we are also not worthwhile to try very hard to."
"The Ma is virtuous, I say to is all that piece view a good mistake matter!If he early makes us support Wu Sheng Guan for two days and how can throw again?Somebody else's commander led troops to defend with a last-ditch attempt for 67 days and heard to die quite a few 1000 people, also be regarded as rare."
"Yes!If early know Reggie Jackson Authentic Jersey so, Lao Tze was simply to pick clothes right road soldier, at least also the ability pain fight one battle to heart's content and quickly!"
"Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang in dog day also has that force!Is that he recommends this bastard to come!"
"To, why disappear Wu Xie today all?Is he to also close at Wu Sheng ?Don't also say news that he die!"
"Can't the meeting Roger Maris Authentic Jersey be in the filial piety Chang?Didn't commander say, the big troops stops at filial piety Chang match He Xie Tong."
When Zhang Ting assisted through barracks doorway, be whispered by this to lead stop next step.He is also very strange, before Wu Sheng close still well, how can say to throw and then throw?Besides he knows than the soldier and arrive a right road soldier of only having of filial piety Chang two camps, go down south two camps also is all right road soldier.What about Wu Zhao Lin?A help?Always Starlin Castro Authentic Jersey doing not all impossibly die is unique!Thought of these, he unclearly feel not to, Yang Qiu lend the north the ocean of the hand give them.
He no longer dares and keeps on thinking, but distressed Wu Zhao Lin with a help of peace or chaos, so bite and rush through into train station and prepare and asks clearly, suddenly discover after waiting and arriving, Yang Qiu and defeated troops will totally different, change the new soldier of body packs, in high spirits can not see any Tui color is by lamplight writing in the kerosene either what, see his eyebrows tightly lock and have to and press down temperament, patiently wait for on the side with the thunder fierce station leading the way.
Is quiet quiet waiting of at the same time, he is secretly also conjecturing this young must almost too ridiculous commander, although the right road soldier establishes an opportunistic Thurman Munson Authentic Jersey suspicion, who can not recognize, either a few battles to beat simply and beautifully afterwards.And he is to support north enter of one of the military officer be been also hands by strong line of affair that pays Xie to approve to mountain Liu Shi's brothers in the city and helped whole territorieses in Hubei to recover after doing not say to pay them first, only at north the ocean arrived before beat the whole uneasy cent factor already very successful.Pull out turnip besides and all the way accept to weave down still white white got of troops, make north ocean go into pass empress can not quickly once rounded big Hong mountain follow door in the sky, man the Chuan go down south and form to the sun summer the both sides attacks from both flanks of power!Light this embodying the taste of one this young man to compare general military officer
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