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filial piety deploy defense line
#1 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 3:36:12 AM(UTC)
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f only beat to lost battle and then check to do Yang Qiu at a time, future who dare still be commanding troops?Besides he has a great achievement previously and fights for so many weathers for us, this matter is should never attempt to!"
"Have a great Andrew Gachkar Authentic Jersey achievement and then can cover up to fall the offense that the Kui escapes?Contribution and mistake's mutually arriving originally is wrong!The at such a very every moment should use very means, I approve the suggestion that Sun Wu dismisses to check to do to him."Zhang Zhen Wu glowers Jing to start to declare.
"Do not go!And don't say Yang Qiu at the moment still just the filial piety continues to direct campaign, even if is to come back, our like this doing will let to get as well tremble with fear!"
"That pours not definitely, the war greatly cures from thou and then has, only strict check then Yang Qiu the decision that can show our army to die war."
"Do not go."
Saw a cook a night Anthony Hitchens Authentic Jersey incredibly and still disagree heavily, Sun Wu Leng once swept Cai Ji Min to wait a few nonsupports to check the military officer of doing Yang Qiu, simply handed over to hard nut to crack a Li dollar Hong:"All Du, this matter you come to decide.Slice to want Israel army heart is heavy!"
This finally lets Barry Church Authentic Jersey to reside just very dissatisfied, he to Sun Wu's performance that expel outsiders continuously recently also very nest fire, immediately say:"Li Du, this matter relation is important, still careful is up."
Last time to the man sun got to the root of the matter cause somebody else first the one step adjusted walk troops, already let Li dollar the Hong rise a vigilance, know Yang Qiu early is taking precautions Bill Bates Authentic Jersey against him, so is these days of to also really regret decision, can since have been already done and then have to die!To don't take this opportunity to remove Yang Qiu perhaps he these all the Du seat really hand over to others, so swept an eye to reside just, and then after tooking a look Sun Wu, strong press weariness to keep having waist.
This action lets the vision come together a while in his body, Cai Ji Min et al is only also secretly worried, pluses by now's his position Lan Sun Wu of the big power, really move Yang Qiu which afraid is Bob Lilly Authentic Jersey their these people to say that dying is all useless, hence in succession start to prepare to take advantage o words haven't exported to persuade, at this time, outside but abrupt however spread a hoot voice.
"Wu Sheng Guan didn't hurt!Li Du, Wu Sheng Guan didn't hurt!"Wang An Lan brandished newspaper to call to hurtle into board room and yelled a way:"All Du, this is the just- come out newspaper, had a reporter to come back from pass initiative from Wu Sheng last night, said Yang Qiu Gu cloth Yi withdraw on one's own initiative and used bomb to with one action kill by explosion 3,000 remaining north ocean soldier!(publicity number)"
See in the most decisive time, but unexpectedly spread this news, meeting the indoor immediately blasted open a pot and resided just with Cai Ji Min is also urgently must push to once pull newspaper, one Brandon Carr Authentic Jersey eye saw large front page headline.
Probably is the influence that was colloquially subjected to Yang Qiu to love, wear for a sky, enemy the report medium completely and colloquially described for several days Yang Qiu the rate department defend with a last-ditch attempt Wu Sheng Guan of horrifying, live vivid described those now the hero that are a revolution sacrifice, particularly final
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