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laughter also disturbed the soup
#1 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 3:58:19 AM(UTC)
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so happy?Speaking to also keep me waiting is also happy, at the right moment rise everyone's vehemence."
The Xiao Anne's Emmitt Smith Authentic Jersey country hurriedly goes toward telegram Dou inside on filling, intentionally see form to say with smile:"Soup minister, department chief Hu joked, we that has what happy affair, only the commander is about to come back right away."
"?Is Chen China coming back?"
"Say in telegram Ezekiel Elliott Authentic Jersey that the filial piety temporarily stabilized, the train at 10:00 A.M., now also shall arrives soon, 2."
"Chen China comes back me to wait to want to greet in person naturally."
Yang Qiu came back!!This news gets abroad in three towns like a burst of tornado, while canning be everyone to arrive to train station just detection in addition to just outside the wounded soldier got Gavin Escobar Authentic Jersey off this is like the sun at high noon young to get have already quietly taken ferry to arrive to consult a bureau under the layer after layer protection connect at the guard.
Consulted indoor military government officials from big meeting in bureau to all come, however originally shoulded sit full seat but vacate a lot.
In the morning J.J. Wilcox Authentic Jersey Wu Sheng Guan returns to Ma Qiang and filial piety incident's news continuously send back come after, immediately caused military government most strong turbulence, let everyone have never thought of BE, man the sun haven't begun a Li dollar the Hong but initiative made moves to recommend disadvantage and disrupted unity, knot party-operated a few private criminal charges fierce dozen Sun Wu parties, not only see Sun Wu escort, also will include Zhang Zhen Wu, Liu Gong and Li Xi to hold, Tang Zi Hong etc. Sun Wu to send of more than 60s totally enter James Hanna Authentic Jersey meeting member all detention remain to be checked.
Although everyone knows that this is the self-preservation strategy of old fox, rush through before Yang Qiu comes back and send big gift to him, positive such as Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi talk, the political conflict is extremely ruthlessness, although is all revolution comrade, so the literature agency this time not only don't help, on the contrary because before and totally enter meeting only the Lan big power heart living hate to look on coldly, and reside just, Cai Ji Min etc. military government officials and have the party person's the military officerses of prestige to would not like to give offense to Yang Qiu in this time, either in the soldier, finally make Sun Wu send in the influence of military government drive immediately on sweeping but getting empty, make big meeting the indoor vacate many chairs a while.
No one sits up, Jason Witten Authentic Jersey because everyone knows that this is to stay to the whose, connect old fox can't beat the idea of these chairs at the moment.
Yang Qiu is to arrive big board room in this kind of atmosphere and matched the new soldier of body to pack, the body Zi for standing of the Mao bright riding boots, pen, there is also bloody battle for six days, the one breath pit kills 3,000 north the pressing drive held by ocean!The owners all secretly swallowed saliva and was him to walk toward the Li dollar Hong to, connect after death of Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi all the center of palm perspire and reside to just and more and sallowly wait for.
Li dollar a Hong is still an old appearance, the dumpy shape matches with small eyes and looks simple and honest Chun solid, Yang Qiu saw before the bed descend all Du a few words still had slight to him, can this time deal with Sun Wu's means proof Li butcher for the sake of the self-preservation or suit him more t
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